What does our exclusive
approach offer?

The unique approach of

enables students to fully immerse
in the German language and culture.





During your stay you will live with your teacher's family.

A private room, bathroom and internet are at your full disposal. Together with the entire host family you will have breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Prior to your booking we will identify your objectives and needs and find the right family for you.
Following you will receive a detailed profile of the suggested family.

Thus you will get a fair idea of what to expect and can make up your mind on whether this meets your requirements.

One member of the family teaches German as a foreign language in one-to-one sessions or small group lessons.

The number of daily lessons can be independently chosen and agreed upon. Five days of the week are available for class to be scheduled.

Further you can choose from a variety of modules, ranging from (inter)cultural to personal areas.

The subsequent table gives you a glimpse into some of the options.

Cultural activities
in the following areas:

tennis – football– rowing – fishing – dancing
climbing – horse riding – golf – swimming
biking – exercising – bowling


crafting – music
photography – cooking


theater- and museums trips – sightseeing in the vicinity 
shopping – restaurants– excursions – cinema

Key competences can be
acquired in following areas:

identification and activation of personal talents
presentation of self
personality and goal development
non-verbal communication
time and self management
work-life balance
etiquette and manner workshop
conflict management
value management
stress prevention

fundamentals of communication 
team management
intercultural competence / communication 
regional and cultural competence, Germany

presentation and charisma 
project management

ready for 4.0
healthy leadership
recognitive leadership

language skills:

one-to-one lessons /  small group sessions in selected families.

class, 5 days per week
number of daily lessons, free to choose
 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 lessons/day at 60 minutes

Individual teaching program in line with requirements.
Continuous support and ongoing feedback.
Material included & free placement test.

Placement test

Prior to your stay you are invited to take an online placement test. We are more than happy to coordinate specific details with your teacher in addition.

The ability to communicate is assessed together within the first few hours of your training. Your specific program will be derived from that and developed subsequently.

and learning

You will be an active member of the family and fully involved in everyday life. Joint activities and hobbies, as well as participation within local traditions and celebrations ensure further social encounters and a profound exchange with the German language.

This way you will have the opportunity to fully immerse in the German culture, to absorb the German language and develop a natural sense of speaking and conversing.

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